Our project is situated in the northern region of the beautiful island of Zanzibar, Tanzania. Our primary objective was to support the development of a luxury resort that catered to the needs of the local community, met regulatory requirements, and had a minimal impact on the environment. We initially intended to use coconut wood, a locally available material, for construction, but due to challenges with maintenance and a shortage of skilled labor, we had to shift towards a prefabricated solution. Despite the change, we ensured that our design upheld sustainability principles and maintained the project’s integrity.

Aerial view of the resort proposal

Site model and terrain analysis. 

Aerial footage of the existing site.

Aerial view with villas and small hotel.

Long term stay villa design.

View towards the seafront.

Plans and section of large villa.

Two story villa design.

Plans and sections of two story villa.

Details of the wall composition.

Construction progress.

Current status of construction.