We are happy to announce that our project was shortlisted in the Northern Lights Iceland competition 2018!! #Iceland #Beebreeders
Green Rhythm Retreat (GRR)
Green Rhythm Retreat aims to deliver the full Icelandic experience to its visitors: the feeling of being in a volcano while seeing the beautiful clear skies filled with playful lights!
Iceland is an intense and special country which will leave its mark on the soul of every visitor. One can read about it, see pictures or documentaries, but nothing can generate the same sensations as experiencing the country. Each tourist will quickly realize that nature is treated with care and respect, that the flora is gentle and needs protection and that the fauna is surprisingly diverse: birds, seals, Icelandic horses.

To enhance the tourists’ perceptions, we decided to focus on 2 impressive elements when creating our proposal: an Icelandic volcano and the Northern lights. The modules are cone shaped and the floors were created to resemble creeping lava. The cone is partially made from transparent light weight polycarbonate, which allows a perfect panorama view. The masterpiece is the foldable rooftop, which can open during good weather to allow viewer an unobstructed view of the skies and which can stay closed during the day or when the weather is bad. The rooftop is made from photo voltaic panels which make them energy efficient.

Our proposal includes 5 small modules able to accommodate two guests, 3 large modules able to accommodate four guests, one module serving as restaurant and sauna, one module for the hosts, a circular shed for Icelandic horses and a gravel parking.

The boards submitted to the competition.